Burp-UI is a web-based interface for Burp. Its purpose is to give you a nice way to monitor your backups with some dashboards, but you will also have the ability to download files from backups and to configure your burp-server.

The project also provides a fully documented API so that you can develop any front-end you like on top of it. The core will take care of the communication with the burp server(s) for you.


Although the Burp’s author and I exchange a lot, our products are totally distinct. So I would like people to understand some issues might be related to Burp-UI, but some other might be related to Burp and I may not be able to help you in the later case. There is a dedicated mailing-list for Burp related issues. You can find details here


Burp version Backend 1 2
< 1.3.48    
1.3.48 => 1.4.40 X  
2.0.0 => 2.0.16    
2.0.18 => 2.0.X protocol 1   X
2.0.18 => 2.0.X protocol 2   X*

* The protocol 2 is in heavy development Burp side so the support in Burp-UI is best effort and all features (such as server-initiated restoration) are not available.

Known Issues

Because it’s an Open Source project, people are free (and encouraged) to open issues in the bug-tracker. You will also find there the current opened issues.

There are also a few issues unrelated to the code itself:

  1. SSH issue

People that would like to clone the repository over SSH will face an authentication failure even if they added a valid SSH key in their user settings. The reason is I only have one public IP address so I must use port redirections to have multiple SSH instances running. To fix the issue, you should configure your SSH client by adding the following lines in your ~/.ssh/config file:

   Port 2222