The create_app method is the most important. This is where the application is created. It is mostly used when running your application through gunicorn.

burpui.create_app(conf=None, verbose=0, logfile=None, **kwargs)[source]

Initialize the whole application.

  • conf (str) – Configuration file to use

  • verbose (int) – Set the verbosity level

  • logfile (str) – Store the logs in the given file

  • kwargs (dict) – Extra options: - gunicorn (bool): Enable gunicorn engine instead of flask’s default. Default is True. - unittest (bool): Are we running tests (used for test only). Default is False. - debug (bool): Enable debug mode. Default is False. - cli (bool): Are we running the CLI. Default is False. - reverse_proxy (bool): Are we behind a reverse-proxy. Default is True if gunicorn is True - websocket_server (bool): Are we running the websocket server. Default is False


A burpui.engines.server.BUIServer object